The tradition of carving designs into pumpkins is nothing new. In fact, this tradition originally came to the United States from Ireland and Scotland where families carved faces into turnips and potatoes, placing them in windows and doors to frighten away evil spirits. The pumpkin, native to America, was a welcome addition to this tradition and is what we use today as our canvas for the annual, and highly celebrated Punkin’ Cuttin’ contest.

Every year the week before Halloween there is a grand celebration held in South Galuckiville. Friends and family gather to eat, drink, carve pumpkins, and tell stories about their creative masterpieces. This is a twist on the hundreds of year old tradition, that only the select few get to enjoy. The competition was fierce and the inspiration endless at the 41st Annual Punkin’ Cuttin’ Contest, where coworkers, friends, and family members were pitted against each other in a long-standing battle to win the coveted Punkin’ Cuttin’ Trophy.

The rules are simple:

  1. Carving

Each person must carve their own pumpkin. Punkin’ Patch entries are permitted but if you are carving a pumpkin of your own you are not allowed to assist in carving a fellow competitors pumpkin. Youth (anyone age 12 and under) must carve their own pumpkin. Children under 6 years of age may have an adult assist in cutting the pumpkin BUT the child must draw the lines and adult MUST follow the lines drawn by the child. The should be no adult interpretation of “what the child meant to draw.”

  1. A Punkin’ Patch

A “Punkin Patch” is two or more pumpkins carved by two or more people but are considered a single entry.

  1. Voting

YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN PUMPKIN. You should always vote for the most creative pumpkin and the best presentation of the pumpkin. Your family will still love you if you don’t vote for their pumpkin. Each attendee can vote for one adult entry and one youth entry.

This year’s competition featured many worthy entries, including “Scare-stream trailer”, the “Birdcage”, the “Infinity Gauntlet”, and this year’s winner, carved by Playback Now’s own Matt Galucki, “Shuttle Pumpkin”. Competitors do their best to hide the designs and plans for their pumpkins from prying eyes and often set up their carving stations in corners and nooks to keep their pumpkin secrets safe.


Most companies host an annual Holiday Party and some may have a BBQ or picnic in the Spring or Summer. Playback Now adds to the yearly celebrations on their list with a carving competition like no other.  The motto of this ghoulish event is Go Big or Gourd Home. Happy Halloween everyone from our faBOOlous team here at Playback Now!