Playback Now has been crisscrossing the country, traveling to conventions and conferences, seminars and forums for 40 years now, via planes, trains, and automobiles!  Playback Now staffers have cumulatively logged more miles than the amount required for a round trip to the moon!  So, of course, they had to take their 40th celebration on the road as well, and ironically enough, on a boat!  Tying in their 40th Anniversary with the 15th year anniversary of partnering with the American College of Physicians (ACP), the staff of Playback Now ventured to ACP’s headquarters in Philadelphia, rented a boat, and enjoyed a warm, summer Friday night on the Delaware River with the staff of ACP.

Dinner and drinks were served, speeches were made, and stories were shared!  Jonathan Galucki, Owner and President of Playback Now, gave a quick rundown of the company history…from a classic garage startup business in 1978 to the industry-leading and innovative tech company it is today!  And he ran down the impressive list of long-time employees who have helped shape the company through the years, and have it poised for continued success in the years ahead.

In a symbolic gesture, sailor hats were passed out to each Playback Now staffer as their story was told, and corresponding sailor hats were passed out to each of the various ACP department staffers Playback Now has worked side-by-side with over the past 15 years.  By the end of the relatively short speech (PBN staffers feared it would be much longer!), nearly everyone on the boat was wearing a sailor hat, and the message was clear…it takes a great partnership with teamwork and collaboration to enjoy success on this level.