16 shows in two months…a Playback Now record!

If you happen to look to the sky during the months of March and April, and you notice the wispy white streak of a jet stream hovering in the atmosphere, there’s a good chance it was caused indirectly by Playback Now.  Airplanes with Playback Now employees on them will be criss-crossing the country throughout the months of March and April…to cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Denver, Las Vegas, Washington DC, San Diego, New York City, Tampa, and Minneapolis.  Averaging 2 shows a week for the next 8 weeks, Playback Now will be humming like a fine-oiled machine.  Marketing pieces being printed, shipped, and stuffed in registration tote bags…pallets of equipment being freighted to and fro…custom websites being developed and launched…livestreams streaming…and then the travelling!








Fortunately, Playback Now employees, seasoned in the ways of the road, have learned all the tricks of navigating through the airports and TSA security lines.  In fact, it’s an art form for them!  Where others dread the thought of airport travel, especially during Spring Break season, when inexperienced families with young children and baby strollers clog the security lines, Playback Now travelers revel in the challenge.  When approaching 4 separate TSA lines, it takes a keen eye, and a high level of awareness to anticipate which line will move faster.  Seasoned travelers tend to gravitate toward each other, often with a knowing look or nod of approval.  And those lines become the “Express” lines, with barely anybody else even noticing it.  And it’s the little things that make a difference.   A subtle shift of a cell phone or wallet being moved from a pocket to a carry-on bag, well before the conveyor belt, is one of the first clues.  While others fumble around with their no-longer-needed photo IDs or boarding passes…or pause in confusion, wondering if they should remove their belt or jacket…the seasoned travelers block out all that “white noise” around them and focus on the tasks at hand.  And most impressively, they can do this while carrying on casual conversations with fellow experienced travelers.  (They know better than to strike up conversations with the easily-distracted novice travelers!)  And when lines bottleneck because of an inexperienced traveler, the seasoned travelers give each other that knowing look…that nod of understanding.  The reassuring smile that the delay in the line was not caused by them.  It’s a unique fraternity…the seasoned travelers fighting the good fight.  Doing their part to keep the lines moving.  Playback Now travelers quietly boast about their perfect travelling records…no pat downs, no confiscated water bottles, no cell phones in pockets.  These are the badges of honor for the seasoned traveler.

So if you’re travelling in March or April, keep an eye out for the calm, experienced-looking traveler in the security lines.  There’s a chance it’s a Playback Now employee doing his thankless part to expedite the security lines, one passenger at a time.