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In the fall of 2014, we were contacted by NASPA (Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education).  They had previously had a horrific experience with an online vendor who offered Livestream and to video capture a select 60 sessions out of 600+ at their annual conference.  The previous year, they had agreed to a production bill of over $100,000 with the notion that they would “only” need to sell 500 packages at $200 to break even.  Needless to say, because of the vendor’s lack of involvement and vested interest in selling the content, NASPA ended up losing $80,000 on this project and ready to ditch online education altogether moving forward.

Upon meeting with them and hearing their struggles, we developed a unified plan for the 2015 conference to offer free live stream access to the general session, a live stream package that viewers had the option to purchase as well as video capturing the select 60 sessions as another select package to purchase.  With our production invoice nearly 3 times lower than their previous vendor, and using our marketing experience, we were excited to share the profits with NASPA and thrilled to make them $10,000+ in 2015.  Going from an $80,000+ loss to a $10,000+ profit in one year left us both excited to see what is coming in future years.


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Client Since: 2015

Members: 15,000

EventsAnnual Conference

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  • Live Stream Production Open to Entire Membership
  • Complete Video Production
  • Custom-built website with commerce potential and annual subscription-based hosting

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“It’s been an amazing experience and I’m really amazed that in just one year, we could make that big of a shift in our organization and Playback Now absolutely did that for us.”

Stephanie Rizk — NASPA Director of Online Professional Development

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