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Project Brief

Marketing Efforts:

An onsite booth is utilized to help Premier Access attendees activate their Free Access accounts, answer any questions, as well as upsell non-Premier Access attendees to Premier Access. Approximately 3000 attendees visit the booth each year to activate their accounts.  Onsite announcements, program ads, and hallway signs are utilized to market the Free Access incentives. An effective activation-reminder email campaign is also utilized before and after the conference. A monthly email reminder is also sent throughout the year to all attendees, highlighting a “Session of the Month”. 

Playback Now Impact:

From 1983 to 2011, NAR and Playback Now worked together in a traditional sales-based, revenue-sharing business model. Playback Now audio recorded NAR convention sessions, and sold copies to their attendees, using an onsite booth to acquire the majority of the sales. In 2011, NAR was seeking to convert the session recordings into a free attendee benefit.  NAR secured a sponsor to cover the annual production and maintenance costs.  Playback Now worked quickly to create a new “hosting-based” website with annual subscription privileges.  Playback Now also introduced PowerPoint capturing and video distribution to enhance the products offered. In just a few years, NAR has created and enhanced a highly-valued attendee benefit.


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Client Since: 1983


Members: 1.1 Million

Project Scope:

  • Sponsor-supported Free Attendee Access
  • Revenue-sharing model for all sales to non-attendees
  • Custom-built website with commerce potential and annual subscription-based hosting
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