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Make Mine "The Works"

2014 AE Institute Collection

The AE Institute raises association executive awareness of real estate industry issues and provides professional development opportunities so that AEs across the country can better serve the REALTOR® organization and its members.

The Institute offers programming for all staff levels of the REALTOR® organization, from newer AEs and those who manage small associations to veteran AEs. The Institute is the premier professional development opportunity for local and state REALTOR® association executives and the place to be for all REALTOR® association executives.

Here's What You Get

  • Over 35 hours of expert content!
  • 42 cutting-edge educational sessions

Here's How You Get It

  • 4 easy-to-use training media formats!
  • Audio Formats - MP3 Audio CD-ROM (for every session)
  • 2 AudioPoint Formats –  AudioPoint DVD-ROM for computer to show full screen presentations, AND AudioPoint DVD-ROM for mobile devices
    (for every session)
  • All Access online streaming and on-demand downloading of all available sessions at PlaybackNow.com/NARAEI

2012 NAR AE Institute


Browse the complete list of recordings from 2014 NAR AE Institute  - all included with The Works! A year's worth of content and a lifetime worth of benefits!Learn More



For on-the-go learners too busy to slow down - whether out for a jog, out for a drive, or out of town. Digital audio files can be loaded on any portable device, and shared across any network. Learn More

Audio Point

Audio Point

Seeing is believing! Get the whole story and see the session the way it was meant to be seen. PowerPoints captured and synced with audio for viewing on your computer or laptop. Learn More

Online All Access

Online All Access

Find a Hot Spot, boot up your laptop, click on your iPad, and connect to NAR AE Institute sessions anytime, day or night. On-Demand streaming of all audio and video sessions for the modern learner! Learn More

Packages Start At  - Only $295!

Program - A Year's Worth of Content!

2012 NAR AE InstituteThe 2014 NAR AE Institute offered more sessions than anyone could possibly attend or retain in just a few days. In fact, this is a Year's Worth of material to be savored at your own pace…one session every few days, perhaps 5 sessions each week, or maybe 10 sessions per month. The point is you now have control of your own Virtual Conference agenda! Below is a list of topics you will have access to, as well as a link to view all the sessions available. Learn from the best of the best all year long and take your career to a whole new level.

  • Advanced Real Estate
  • Association of the Future
  • Best in Show
  • Better You, Better Members
  • Getting the Structure Right
  • New AE Fundamentals

Audio - Reliable Audio Recordings


Whether it's a CD player in a commuter's car; a portable MP3 player strapped to a jogger's arm; or an iPod playing in the palm of a business traveler's hand, the world still relies on audio recordings for training and education. Digital audio recordings offer an easy and reliable entry point for all your VC content.

  • What: Digital Audio
  • Who: Single user; on-the-go education/training
  • How: Streaming, download, CD, MP3, Mobile Devices

Audio Point - Somewhere between Audio and Video, there's AudioPoint™

Audio Point

AudioPoint™ is now the format of choice for cost-effective training because it delivers highly visual content at a reasonable price. It integrates PowerPoint presentations with synced audio-providing a virtual re-creation of the original workshop, for play on any computer and mobile devices such as an iPod, iPad or Blackberry.

  • What: Presenter PowerPoints and synced audio
  • Who: Single or group users; sit-down, visual education/training
  • How: Streaming, download, DVD-ROM, Mobile Devices

Online Access - Online Multimedia Player & Browser

The PlaybackNow Player Experience an enhanced interactive site where you can view or listen to every session On-Demand. Personalize your experience by creating your own customized playlists using our custom media player. Rate programs as you view them, read reviews from other users, download presenter handout materials for quick reference, view other programs by the same presenter, follow-up with a presenter using their contact information, and so much more!

  • What: Audio, and AudioPoint sessions
  • Who: Single-user, tech-savvy learner
  • How: On-Demand Streaming or Download


You Are Protected By
Playback Now's Money Back Guarantee.

We invite you to purchase the 2014 Works Package without any risk. Unless you are completely satisfied, we will refund your money. Just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. We are that confident that you will find this information to be more than you expected. You don't have to decide now if this is right for you. Try it out for 30 days. You have nothing to lose and who-knows-how-much to gain.

On Demand Season Pass - Only $295!


Fantastic product! Excellent audio quality that correlates with written notes. The iPod formats are a real bonus…it took 5 minutes to load it on my iPad!

- Joseph S

This by far is the best way to gain insights from pioneers in the field.

- Cecil B.

An incredible bargain, given all that's included with the package!

- Jeanne M.

The Works is like an investment in your career… what could be more important?

- Todd G.