What is it about putting a new calendar on the wall that inspires us? Is it the unlimited potential of a clean slate? Or is it more about tossing the previous year’s calendar in the trash, with all its unrealized expectations? Or is it a combination of both?

One word always comes to mind…perhaps it’s all about “Striving”!

If you’re approaching a new year the right way, “striving” is the driving force. We strive to be better. To do more. To learn more. To give more. To offer more. To provide more. To be more!

Playback Now welcomes each new year with that same enthusiasm, with new clients and returning clients. Every year, in the face of ever-changing technology, we face exciting new challenges. With new clients, we welcome the opportunity to get new perspectives, new ideas, and new visions. With returning clients, we push ourselves to envision a new direction, a fresh concept, a different approach. This is the kind of striving that makes Playback Now what it is. This is why returning clients keep returning. This is how we’ve survived for 40 years. Maintaining status quo is never a part of our yearly goals. We always want more than that. It’s the key to staying in business, but more than that, it’s the key to finding true enjoyment at work. Challenging yourself to push into new territory, as uncomfortable as it may sometimes be, is an all-American ideal that we believe in.

And so we strive into 2017!  With a renewed sense of purpose, and enthusiasm to match it!